Meeting Minutes 8/30/21

Green Meeting at Manor Park, Aberdeen
These are the notes taken by Jason Osborn

Call to Order by Joe
Those present: Joe, Collin, Rob, Lois, Jason, Sr. Mary Lou
Visitors: Jason and Jen Barkmier

Reading of Last Month’s Meeting Minutes: Joe read the minutes and called for approval; Collin so moved, Rob second – Minutes approved.

Reading of the Financial Report: we are doing ok. Sr. Mary Lou moved to approve the report, Collin second – Financial Report Approved.

Unfinished Business:

Dog Walk Debrief:
Those there: Joe, Lois, Collin, Steve L.
Three sets of dogs say 12 total of the dog walk and a motion to make the dog walk an annual
event. This was forwarded to the Possible 2022 goals discussion. Recommendation for fliers to go out sooner. Small but well done.

Collin was asked about the visitor bureau – didn’t get the result of that discussion

Creek Adoption Update: still looking into it.
Collin asked about adopting some highway – tabled to goals

New Business:

Review of 2021 Accomplishments:
Clean-up of Moccasin Creek
Earth day Celebration
2021 Dog Walk

List of Possible 2022 Goals:
Chautauqua 2022
Earth Day 2022
Arbor Day 2022 – involve Aaron Kiez (City will plant trees in the boardwalks of homeowners)

Environmental Issues that may be goals:
Re-usable bags
Bags at Kens and Kesslers
Education – Local Ecology
Story by Collin on the effect on dogs when round up is ingested. Need to get the word
Garbage/Litter Pickup in more areas of the city
Plant areas of vegetation
Native grasses
Jump on board with NSU and their activities
Partner with Parks – Aaron Keiz was discussed with this.

Joe to call Margret Holman about Chautauqua/O-Te-La conservancy

Next Meeting
October 4th @ 7:30: Location to be determined – last idea was the AARC

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