Minutes from July 11th, General Meeting at Wylie Park

Green Aberdeen

Meeting notes


Call to Order @ 7:10

In Attendance: Joe, Enno, Kerry, Rob, Sister Mary Lou, and a lot of people whose names I did not catch

Treasurer’s Report: Will give at next meeting


Old Business:

The notes will be published on the Green Aberdeen website, send Sister Mary Lou the link.

We broke even on the Tshirt sales, Tiffany has been paid for both the shirts and the totes.

Adopt a Highway program info gathered, will talk more about this at next meeting.

Green Aberdeen will be certified 501 c 3 by the end of the year.

Top 3 reasons for nonprofit certification:

  1. Fundraising benefits. Companies are able to right off their donations for tax benefits, therefore are more likely to donate to nonprofit-certified companies.
  2. For instance- If someone is hurt at one of our events and decides to sue, the company will be held liable, not the individuals putting on the event.
  3. If we are 501 c 3, we can apply for available grants which will obviously help us do more for the community and reach our goals in sustainability.

Upcoming activities:

We will be at the Farmer’s Market on July 20th, if you can come to the booth and help ‘man’ it for an hour or so, it would be much appreciated.

Food Waste talk with Emily will be on August 2nd @ the Oil Room.

Marris Grewe will be doing a talk on Recycling in August, date and venue TBD.

This Fall- Gypsy Day parade float. Need 8 volunteers to commit to doing this, please come to the next meeting to get your name on the list.

We are hoping to do another tote bag project night.  Also incorporating making mats from plastic shopping bags.





Recycling efforts:

Still working on getting recycling into apartment buildings and businesses. Kerry contacted A-1 Sanitation, will update at next meeting. It was suggested that we contact land lords of various buildings to get their input.  PICP can help with this?

Next meeting @ ARCC @ 7:00

Meeting adjourned @ 8:04  Movement made and seconded by Danny and Bubbles.



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