Minutes (unapproved) from General Membership Meeting on April 9, 2018

Green Aberdeen General Meeting



Attendance: Enno, Kerry, Sister Mary Lou, Sue, Rob, Kim, Joe, Margarite

Call to order: 6:11

Minutes of Last Meeting- Approved

Treasurer’s Report: $1673.68 Approved


Old Business

501 c 3, very close now.  Just clearing up some EIN number discrepancies, late April target date.

We are recognized now as a non-profit, just need EIN

We have t-shirts!  Initial run of 25 shirts. Sell for $15 each.


Earth Day Fair- April 22nd

Easton’s Castle would be willing to give a couple of talks at the Earth Day Fair.

We do have a couple of new sponsors! Oil My Goodness, Nat Abu, Presentations Sisters, Easton’s Castle,  etc

We have several people lined up for music- Better Ride, Ron Parker, Joe Berns

CJ’s Patisserie may be open?

Yoga will be going on

Hub City Hydro will be giving a talk

Lois Beckner will be doing an Art Show. She and Candace will be getting the school kids involved this year as well.

Central  Enviro club will be putting on something for the kids

Brandon and Anastasia Asp are working on the poster, he has the Facebook campaign going already.

105.5 and 107.7 will have us on at 7:30 on the 20th promoting the Event

Junction may be there? If not, Lois will set us up with someone

Will need to figure out a time to get the Briscoe Bldg set up

Joe is getting Insurance figured out

We will open the Briscoe Bldg at 130 so people can start setting up.


Farmer’s Market-

May 3rd– first day 3-6pm.  Will need people to man the booth


Easton’s Castle work camp- 

Forecasting early June.  Mowing, clearing yard debris, raking, etc.


Goals for 2018-

#1 Recycling Survey will be done by NSU.

3M grant submitted- no word yet.

#2 Community Action- Get involved in Community events, Downtown Concert series, Brown County Fair, Art and Bicycle Festival, Art and Music Festival- will be picking up garbage at these events…more than likely.

#3 Easton’s Castle- Spring work day, Fall event for teaching and community


Presentation by Brett Bill-

                City Planning and Zoning official, planning director, elf, etc. (626-7017)

Aberdeen Growth Plan- growing the city for the next 20 years. Will cost approx. $218,000 and take 18 months.

4 elements-

Inventory- data collection- population and demographic

Transportation- airport, railroads

Housing- size, type, pricing, rates (separate study as well)

Utilities and facilities- water treatment, sewers, etc.

Ag beauty- soil types, topography, natural areas, etc.

Governmental framework- every gets along

Review existing plans

Map compilations, land use inventory map,

Community participation plans-

Household and business surveys

Open House, public meetings to draft plan, project website- www.aberdeengrowthplan.com.

Alternative analysis- employment and housing scenarios and projections.

Plan Development- Issues and opportunities.  Land use. Transportation plan. Transit use. Bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Parks. Traffic signals and intersection control plan. Access management review. Develop highway access. Utilities plan. Housing plan. Agricultural, natural resources plan. Economic Development plan. Intergovernmental cooperation plan. Final adoption of the plan end of 2018 beginning of 2019.


New Business- Adopt a Highway- possibly adopt a road (in town)?




                Temporary windmill will not need a permit


Next meeting- May 7th @ 6:00 at the Library


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