Unapproved Minutes for July 29th, 2019 General Meeting

Minutes for General Meeting

July 29th, 2019  Meeting at K.O. Lee Library

Present: Kim Holmes, Cassy Bitz, Enno Limvere, Rob Wedemann, Sister Mary Lou Geraets, Joe Berns, Eve Larson, David Cozart, Sanjaya Prasad, and Arlene Cleberg.

Minutes were approved as corrected. Balance for Treasure’s Report is $1,370.06, not $1,3760.06.

Treasure’s Report: Unchanged $1,370.06.

Old Business:

  1. 501(c)3 – in process pending final approval.
  2. Goals for 2019
    1. Marketing survey – nothing new at this time.
    1. Community Action:
      1. Farmers Market – August 8th Enno, David, Sanjaya set up. Joe Berns 5:30-7:00.
      1. Aberdeen Night Out – August 6th David, Sanjaya, and Enno
      1. Downtown Community Concert – August 2nd Enno and Cassy
    1. Field Trips
      1. Spring Tour: Easton Castle on June 6th
      1. Summer Tour (July/August): Oahe Dam & Campbell County Wind Farm. No dates offered by Wind Farm, may push this back to Fall or next summer.
      1. Fall Tour (October): Possibly Sand Lake or Wind Farm/Oahe Dam
  3. Chautauqua: September 21st at Easton Castle 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
    1. Poster done by September 1st, article in Progressive Magazine, Community corner on the radio.
    1. Travis Shaunaman, new mayor possible speaker, Leslie Barbour,
    1. Music – Better Ride and Ryan Malsom & Pete Burkhard
    1. Booths – Diversity Coalition, Natural Abundance, and Presentation Sisters
      1. Booth Fees is $10.00 or 10% of sales
  4. Grants: 3 person team to research – Cassy Bitz, Kim Holmes, and Enno Limvere research
    1. Possible: Knight Foundation, Aberdeen Community Foundation, Kresage, Wells Fargo, Patagonia, 3 M Environmental, South Dakota Community Foundation.

New Business:

  1. Brochures – Create Brochures to hand out for local recycling options and green/environmentally products sold locally.  Work on this through Google Docs, Joe Berns to set up.

Next Meeting is September 9th at 6:00 pm at KO Lee Building.

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