Approved Minutes for October 7, 2019

Unapproved Minutes for October 7, 2019 Green Aberdeen General Minutes

Those Present: Arlene Cleberg, Sister Mary Lou Geraets, Rob Wedemann, Kim Holmes, Enno Limvere, Eve Larson, Joe Berns, Carl Perry, and Cassy Bitz.

Minutes of September 9th were approved as printed.

Treasurers Report: Ending balance for the month $1,144.32.  Motion to accept, passed and accepted. Dan Cleberg was asked for a budget of the Fallout Creative Communities Art & Music Festival.

Old Business:

  1. 501(c)3: In process, pending final approval.
  2. Goals for 2019:
    1. Community Survey – Kristi Brownfield will be invited to November meeting to discuss doing a survey in the Spring.
    1. Community Activities –
      1. Will try to go to Farmer’s Market next Thursday if not snowing.
      1. Aberdeen Night Out scheduled for October 1st, was cancelled.
    1. Members Choice: 3 Field Trips this year.
      1. Fall field trip was cancelled due to weather and scheduling conflicts. Should look into tour of Brown County Land Fill at some time.
      1. Speakers at our meeting: Jason Osborne of Oz Motors, and City’s Chief Forrester
  3. Chautauqua Review
    1. Joe Berns was congratulated for his nice flyers. Try to have schedule on them next year.
    1. Need to have some guidelines next year for advertising done by others about 2020 Chautauqua.
    1. Speakers were good. Now that we have 501(c)3, we should apply for grants to pay our speakers and maybe bring in a big one. Invite League of Women Voters to have a political platform in next year’s election.
    1. Booths that were there: Petition for Medical Marijuana, Brown County Democrats, Easton Castle, Oz Motors, Diversity Coalition, Green Aberdeen, Presentation Sisters.
    1. Music can possibly start next earlier.
    1. Arlene Cleberg was congratulated for good food. Potluck items were really good. Need better drinks next year.
    1. Need to make sure we are covering the Green Aberdeen booth.
    1. Maybe a movie after dark out at the Chautauqua.
  4. Grant Requests
    1. Earth Day Fair 2020 and Chautauqua 2020. Possible grant funders: Aberdeen Area Community Foundation, South Dakota Community Foundation, and Knight Foundation. Rob W. will follow up the Dan Cleberg to get the budget to use at a base for our grant proposal.
    2. Community Survey of Aberdeen. Working with NSU Assistant Professor Kristi Brownfield. Possible grant funders: AACF, SDCF, Knight Foundation, and 3M Foundation. Enno L. will follow up.
    3. Education and Promotional Materials, such as a flat screen, solar panel & wind turbine, and professional pamphlets such as recycling spots and where to get green products. Possible grant funders: 3M Environmental Grant, Wells Fargo Environmental Grant: AACF. Casey B. and Kim H. will follow up
    4. Downtown Water Stations and Electric Car Charging Station. Working with the possible partners of Downtown Aberdeen Association, City of Aberdeen, Dakota Bank, and Chamber of Commerce, to place water stations and electric car charging station. Joe B. will follow up.
    5. Possible future grants: cleaning up our Elm River our the Moccasin Creek.

New Business:

  1. Christmas Party in December: Kim H. will look for a venue and report in November. 

Meeting adjourned. Motion

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