Approved Minutes March 11, 2019 General Meeting

Green Aberdeen – Unapproved Minutes taken by Kim Vandover

March 11, 2017 6:00 pm

KO Lee Library

Call to Order – President Enno Limvere

Introductions – Attending:

Joe Berns, Sister Mary Lou Geditz, Rob Wedemann, Eve Larson, Cassy Bity, Kim Vandover, Enno Limvere

Minutes of Last Meeting – Still looking for Secretary, Kim will take minutes tonight.

Treasure’s Report – Beginning balance Jan 21: $1,600.72. Income: $773.20 Expense: $545.33 Ending Balance: $1,828.69 Motion to approve & seconded.

Old Business

 Becoming a 501 (3) C – Board of Directors working on this, paper work submitted. Waiting for initial approval.

Events – Report on and consider – 18th Annual Home Show on March 2nd & 3rd.  Close to 1,000 people attended. Gave 200 seed cards with our logo and website address on it. Joe Berns reported that many of the people were not our usual crowd like at Farmers Markets.

 Goals for 2018 –

a. Marketing/Survey – President Enno reported that he has contacted the Sociology Department at Northern State University and they are interested in working with us to do a survey of Aberdeen. The two biggest questions to be asked are what are the views of global climate change and recycling. Other questions will be included once NSU partners are found.

b. Community Action – President Enno shared our goal of trying to be a part of 1 community event each month, such as the Farmers Market, Aberdeen Night Out, Downtown Concert Series

c. Members Choice: 3 Field Trips are being planned. Joe Berns will work on one sometime during May/June possibly to the Richmond Lake for a tour. In July/August, discussion centered maybe a day trip out to Ohahe Dam, Kim and Cassy will start looking at information. In September/October discussion was held about my Elm Lake or the Sand Lakes.

 Adopt a city street/neighborhood (Aberdeen City to start program) – the city now will help organizations adopt a neighborhood or street. Since we don’t have a big enough membership base, we are putting this on hold.

Giveaways – Joe Berns is looking at seed-cards from a different company that will be more zoned for our area. If we want to hand out coasters made from Easton Castle, we need to do this sometime in the next month.

Earth Day Fair – Monday April 22nd 3:00 – 600 pm Central Park & Briscoe building

  1. Planning Teams
  2. Promotion – This team will be responsible for putting together the advertising and promotion of the event. All information will be given to them by April 1st so they can design a poster and all other media.
  3. Sponsorships – We ask all our members and friends to ask the businesses they frequent to sponsor our Earth Day Fair. Sponsors get their names on our advertising and promotion, and they get a booth space.
  4. Activities – Kim will talk to Dan Cleberg about live music. Sister Mary Lou will recruit a presenter on pollinators and Eve on water quality. Candice Briscoe will be asked to do an art show with the children. Looking for other activities and groups.
  5. Budget – Joe Berns as treasurer will watch over our deposits and expenses.
  6. Booth – Will ask Natural Abundance to bring their food truck. Joe will help with organizing the layout. Non-profits get a booth for free. Go the Green Aberdeen website for more information. Megan Hinkle will be asked to share information with the Farmers Market vendors.

New Business

No new business brought before the group.

Next Meeting is Annual Meeting on April 1 at 6:00 pm

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