Voting on our Board of Directors

We have 5-9 Board of Directors for our organization using 3 year terms. We currently have 5 with one going off this year, so we need at least one more director to be voted in. We can have up to 5 more depending on on who is interested. We did not have a nomination committee so the floor is open for any active member to become a member.

To become a board of director, you have to become an active member of our organization. You can see the membership application on our website here under a new post or on our Facebook page.

During our annual meeting, we will have an open ballot where any active member can fill out an application and be eligible for becoming part of the board of directors.

We will then have ballots given to our active and supporting members who will vote yes or no on each person who is running. There are 5 openings and a member can run for a 3 year term or 2 year term.

We hope that those who are interested will take the time to become a member (which can be done before the annual meeting starts) and fill out our Board of Directors Application as well.

You can see/print the Board of Director Application on this website and turn it in on Monday.

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