What’s Green got to do with It?

Rev. Enno K. Limvere

September 17, 2019

This Friday there is a world-wide strike that is happening to draw attention to the crisis of global climate change. A young teenager named Greta Thunberg starting striking her school on Fridays because she wondered why should she continue to learn if the world is being destroyed now. She has sparked an international movement and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Here in South Dakota, there is some organized strikes/walk-outs in Sioux Falls and Yankton.  The United Nations is holding a Climate Summit and they hope to show our world leaders that this is serious and needs to be addressed now.

As I posted a story on our Facebook page, over 7 million people have been displaced because of climate related disasters this past year. With the tornadoes in Sioux Falls and the flooding this Fall in our state, we should have a hard time believing that the world is not changing. If we have a chance to avert disasters like this in the future, we should be doing what we can.

Our Aberdeen Chautauqua 2019 is a go for this weekend. Our speakers our Dan Cleberg, owner of Red Rooster Coffee House and Fallout Creative Community, Margaret James of Easton Castle/O-TE-LA Conservancy talking about forest bathing, Cory Heidelberger talking about South Dakota politics, Rev. Enno K. Limvere talking about listening, and Leslie Barbour will be talking about building her tiny house.

If we didn’t have the Chautauqua scheduled for this weekend, our group may have tried to help organize something in our community Climate Strike Sept. 20. Our group is not organizing protests and being in your face. We hope we are helping to build a foundation for our community that will be long lasting, not destructive or a quick flame out. However, there is an urgent need for changes to be made in our world and in our community that cannot wait.

It is our hope for our group and the Aberdeen community that we can find ways to move forward. Come and talk to us at the Chautauqua and our next meeting is October 7th, we would love to have you join us.


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