Jan 10th Approved Minutes, Green Aberdeen

Green Aberdeen January 10, 2022.  Annual Meeting at the ARCC Alumni Room.  These are the notes taken by Jason Osborn

Call to order – Formal call to order by Joe

Those Present:  Joe, Rob, Jason, Lois, Kevin, Amelia, Laura

Minutes from last meeting:   Approved the minutes from the last annual Meeting.  – 1st motion Jason

                Second motion – Amelia. 

Financial report:  Balance was reviewed by Lois; we have an extra $67 in the account. 

We have some money for future plans.   Thanks Joe!  The report was approved with changes.   – motion by 1st Jason, second by Rob.

  • Changes Approved: 
    • Take out Facebook  – Change to Advertising
    • Include Booth for Brown County Fair Cost:  estimated at $300
    • Include printing cost for brochures and t-shirts.   

Presentation – 2021 Efforts and achievements. – Joe & Lois

  • In 2021 We Accomplished:
    • An Earth Day Celebration.
    • A booth at League of Women Voters.
    • Cleaning of Moccasin Creek.
    •  A dog walk activity.

Annual Meeting Business

  • Member Applications –
    • Active Member – $50 or 6 hours of service at events in 2022. 
    • Supporting Member – $20 or 3 hours of service at events in 2022.
  • Board of Directors: 
    •  discussed remaining terms.  We are good for current board for 2022. 
    • Motion to approve by Rob, seconded by Jason
  • Earth Day Event:
    • Develop plan for April 22nd 2022 (it’s a Friday)
      • Low key event involves kid activities. 
      • Looking at the Rooster again – it’s a Friday (need to check with Dan) – action by Joe.
  • Goals for 2022:
    • Tree Planting – target April 29th Arbor day. 
      • Joe is to talk to Aaron Kiesz the city forester.  We need a Permit first. 
    • Moccasin Creek Cleanup – target May 7th
      • Oz Motorz will support efforts.
  • Recycling program defined to put on the website.  Target Earth Day April 22nd
    • Monthly actions recommended by Lois.
  • Next Annual Meeting – Meet January 9, 2023

With that, the meeting was adjourned at 8:27pm.

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