October 4th, 2021. Meeting at the AARC.

These are the notes taken by Jason Osborn

Call to Order: Informal

Those present Joe, Rob, Jason

Minutes Review: amendments made and sent to Joe

Financial Review: No report though $40 was added to the account.

Unfinished Business:

1) Creek Adoption – tabled

2) House-Cleaning Items:

a. Environmental issues – tabled

b. Proposed 2022 goals – tabled

c. Green Aberdeen Mission, Vision – tabled

d. Reaching out/building membership – tabled

e. Updating website – see below

f. Zoom Subscription, storage, program to track Membership, etc. – tabled

3) (other unfinished business) – none discussed

New Business:

1) Verify date for annual meeting – focus on 1/10/22

To Do before next meeting: verify that the AARC is available for next series of meetings (Joe)

Next Meeting: November 8th at the AARC 7:30 pm.

Focus for the meeting: WEBSITE DESIGN – a brainstorm

– Add a Contact Tab

– Overhaul the Places to Recycle

– Donate page is good – just need to fix the typo

– Add Recent events in a blog or video

– Add an “our story” tab – involve Enno

– Get rid of contact/comment form

– Add pictures of Moccasin creek and earth day events

– Add goals for each year

– Update/change contact info.

– Include issues involving the environment

– Blog page is good – try to update – need to add categories – Jason and Rob added as admin to greenaberdeen.org page.

– Resources – take off Gofundme, Add new stuff/Update

– New – Add links to organizations:

o Oz Motorz, Oil Room?, Natural Abundance, West Oak?, Parks and Forestry, State Game Fish and Parks, Ciera club, EPA, National Geographic, Nature Conservatory, Sand Lake, and a List of Books.

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