Board Minutes May 13, 2020

Green Aberdeen Board Meeting

May 13, 2010 5 pm on Zoom

Present for meeting: Cassy Bitz, Kim Holmes, Joe Berns, Enno Limvere, Rob Wedemann, Lois Beckner

Meeting was called to order by Enno Limvere.

Treasurer report approved.

Old Business:

501 (c) 3: Has been filed electronically by Mindy at TnT Taxes. Fee is $275 for federal government.

Survey: need to think of media presence ie booth at Kesslers, various other places. Format? Google? Can submit more than one vote per device.

77 people have taken survey so far. Need over 500 to have an accurate response to have an accurate information of statistics.  Wait for more information from Kristy Brownfield for NSU Fall Semester project to come.

Earth Day Social media event that was April 22nd, 5 pm – 7 pm. 13 people showed up.

Lois Beckner will give a report of art sales and donation next time.

Old Business:

Kayla Herman web page designer will give her answer for approval on turning over the web page to Green Aberdeen to handle at a future date.

Position Nominations:

                Kim Holmes comfortable with being Secretary.

                Joe Berns comfortable with being President.

                Lois Beckner comfortable with being Treasurer.

                President Enno Limvere asked for a motion for voting on these people for our new officers.

                Motion carried.

Need for a new official address change with the change of President Joe Berns ok with his address for official Green Aberdeen Business.

UPS Post office box discussed $30.00 for 3 months or $106 per 12 months something to be looked into at a later date.

Old Business
Social Media Cassy and Kim, Enno with updated information to meet with Kim and Cassy in the near future.

Green Aberdeen facebook Lois Beckner and Enno need to meet to exchange information.

Cassy Bitz will take over Instagram get information to be obtained from Kerri Beckler.

Hosting Community Web
Email Joe Berns and Enno
Enhanced Chamber meeting Karl Perry representative.
Booths and farmers market as well as concert series Cassy Bitz
When we open to public.
TU, both, chairs, bins to be stored at Cassy’s house. Totes and notes go to Joe Berns.

WE currently have 13 members at this time ask members for donations.
Aberdeen foundation grant proposal is due July 31st. Need to resubmit application grant.

Lois Beckner help with 3M grant

New Business

Concern was brought up with other organizations attaching themselves to the Green Aberdeen logo during various events in the past this brought about a motion from Rob W.

To implement a form of copyright protection for Green Aberdeen a motions by Rob W motion second by Joe Berns motion carried WE Green Aberdeen reserve the right for our name to be copyrighted at all future events will be approved by event host. Event host and Green Aberdeen have the right to refuse service to anyone who can not follow this guideline.

New Business General Meeting in June to be determined.

Next board meeting in June 8th at 5:00pm on Zoom more information TBA.

Meeting adjourned.

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