Board Meeting Minutes from August 6, 2018

Green Aberdeen Board Mtg

Aug 6, 2018


Call to order @ 5:11

Minutes of last meeting: Approved as read

Treasurer’s Report: Balance- $1489.45 Approved

Old business

Survey of Aberdeen- Theresa is out on medical leave and then out of town for a bit. Will check in again in September

Calendar of Events:

Meeting in September- October- possibilities are NatAbu, Organic Rancher

Farmer’s Market- August 30th, September?

Possible College Pallooza downtown?

Aberdeen Night Out August 7th – Music jam- Get there at 5:15 to set up. Gets over at 9.

Brown County Fair- no go

Bringing movie to Capital Theater- still in process


Go Fund Me campaign- Put a deadline of September 1st to help encourage more donations. Enno will send out another email reminder. Each of us reach out to 5 people!

Green Aberdeen Brochure- Joe will print some more tomorrow,



Date: September 15th

Time: 3:00 to 9:00.  9:00 is the bonfire

See detailed schedule for more in-depth view.

Need a map/schedule brochure for the day. Where everyone is at/when things are going on. Signage, etc.

Rob, Joe and Kim on food options. Rob and Kim will call around for catering prices and options.  Need details finished by September 1st

Will need to bring recycling bins.

Kerry will contact Coke and Pepsi for donations

Will need to contact Eastons about their bathroom situation. Possible Porta-Potty


Meeting adjourned at 6:20


Next Board Meeting on August 27th at 5:00 the Rooster

Next General meeting on September 10 @ the Library







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