Go Fund Me Fundraiser

We have stared a Go Fund Me account to raise money for promotion and education of renewable energy sources.  We hope to raise enough money to buy a solar panel and wind turbine for demonstration purposes at our booth.  Here is our budget:


Estimated Cost (Found at Mendards):

Wind Turbine 400 Watt Generator           $499.00

Solar Panel 55 Watt                                         $249.00

75 Amp 12 Volt Battery                                 $149.99

Charge Converter (for Generator)            $21.99

Visio 32” HD                                                       $199.99 (Target)

Phone Charging Station                                 $40.00 (Amazon)

Stands for TV & Solar Panel                          $49.00 Each (Amazon.com)

Wires & Cables                                                  $100.00 estimated

Tower for Wind Turbine                                $200.00 estimated (Homemade)

Storage and Transportation                         $200.00 estimate

Estimated Cost                                                  $1,757.97 + Tax


Please click on the link to donate:




Rev Enno K. Limvere

President of Green Aberdeen

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