Green Aberdeen January 7 General Meeting Minutes

Green Aberdeen General Meeting

January 7th


Attendance: Enno, Justin, Joe, Kim, Eve, Arlene, Kerry, Rob, Kathy

Call to order: 6:01

Meetings of last meeting: not available

Treasurer’s Report: $1600.72 Joe went over the detailed Budget from 2018. Motion to approve the Report- Rob, Seconded by Kerry

Old Business: Still working on 501 c 3. EIN number kind of slowed the process down. Government shut down has slowed it down even more.

Events- Home Show out at the Expo on March 2nd and 3rd . Will need booth giveaways done by then. Make sure brochures are updated and printed out by then. At least 100.

Goals from 2018.

Goal #1- Survey was not done, but we are still pursuing the possibility. The marketing plan was not done due to no grant money.

Goal #2 – Community action. We participated in quite a few things this year. Farmers market, downtown shows, Home show, Art and Bicycle Festival.

Goal #3 – Chautauqua was successful and will do again this year.

Adopt a street neighborhood- still a possibility

Giveaways- Booth giveaways. Seed paper cards and wooden disks that are upcycled from old trees that are stamped with our info.

Fundraisers- Retrocade on Jan 26. From 6-9 pm $10 all the games you can play. Joe will make a poster. Enno will alert the media, get the word out, and make a list for workers.

Annual meeting on Feb 4 at 7, potluck at 6. Video montage, will elect board members.

Will make some goals for 2019 (pollinators-Eve). Board will come up with 2 of the goals, but the general members have the final say. Possible speaker – Dependable Sanitation.



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