November 5th Board Meeting Minutes (Unapproved)

Green Aberdeen Board Meeting

November 5, 2018


Call to order: 5:15 pm

Attendance: Enno, Arlene, Joe, Kerry

Treasurer Report: $1664.97 Approved

Minutes from last meeting: Approved

Old Business: No new news on 501 c 3. Still trying. Enno is chasing this.

Goal #1, Survey of Aberdeen. Still trying to get this arranged.

Goal #2, Community Involvement

Presentations at Meetings- Kristie Harger, Natural Abundance, Organic Rancher, Montessori School.

Still looking for giveaways- see paper, etc.

Brining Movie to Capital theater, Arlene is working on this

Promotional and Educational Materials- promo video at next board meeting to promote the Go Fund Me campaign.

Goal #3, complete.

Apply for grants and fundraising. Retrocade fundraiser in Jan or Feb. Possible community  breakfast feed (or something) with all local foods.

Motivating membership for 2019. Maybe start calling members before meetings/Farmer’s Markets, etc to talk to people personally. Arlene                      said she would take this on. Have sign up sheets for future events available for signing up as soon as possible.

Annual Meeting date February 4th at 7:00. Potluck at 6:00 at the Library.

Will need to come up with budget for 2019 to present at Annual Meeting. Will solidify the goals for the year to help come up with a budget.

Recycling app will tell you if and where you can recycle different products. Would be nice to get one of these for our area.

December general meeting will be our Christmas party. Bring treats.

Next meeting will be at Monday, November 26 at 5:30 @ the Rooster.






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