Unapproved Minutes for March 2, 2020

Present: Kim Holmes, Cassy Bitz, Rob Wedemann, Joe Burns, Rev. Enno Limvere, Sister Mary Lou Geraets, and Eve Larson

Meeting called to order by President Limvere

Minutes of January Membership meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report approved, balance of $685.48.

Old Business:

Earth Day Fair, April 19th:

Promotion: Promotional poster done by Lois Beckner, will post on community calendars, and social media.

Sponsorship: Forms need to be in by the end of March. Goal is to have 20 sponsors. Every member should take 3 forms to try to get them.

Activities: Music, have the four bands confirmed: Gdwflrckt, Better Ride, Jett Lagged, Ron Parker. Speakers, none confirmed yet. Bounce castle, Kim H. will look into it. Art project in school. Possibly Yoga and Tai Chi. Games will be done by Central Environmental Club

Finance: Budget of $1,900. Enno will check to see if we got the grant of $1,000. We need to raise at least, $1,000 for our part of the budget.

Booths: Non-profits don’t get charged. If selling something, make sure we have their SD tax id number. No tables and chairs divided. Big tents possibly set up by Dan. Food possibly by Arlene.

Permit and Insurance: Liability insurance for event will cost $100. Enno is working on getting the permits for the event and street closing.

Event at Red Rooster on Apirl 22nd: The Art Group has been invited to do an art show at the Rooster that week. Initial plans is open mike from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm with a headliner at 7:00 for a 45 minute concert. South Dakota Art Council may help us out.

Goals for 2020:

Survey: Survey will be ready for the weekend to be handed out. No NSU students available to help.

                Community Action: Home Builders Show this weekend.

                                Friday: Set up: Enno and Eve       Manning the booth         3-8 Enno and Kim

                                Saturday:  Manning the Booth  10-1:30 Eve and Cassy      1:30 – 5 Joe and Kim

                                Sunday: 10 -2 Joe and Cassy        Take down: Enno, Joe, and Cassy

                Water Bottle & Electric Car Charger: no new information. Eve will talk to Harr and Ford.

                Member’s Choice: Film at Capital Theater to be discussed in the future.

Positions/skills need in our group

                Cassy will meet with Enno to see about programming website.

                Need someone with background of finance/accountant for our group.

New Business:

                Retrocade Fundraiser: March 28th Saturday.

                                Advertisement: Poster done by Joe Berns

                                No Food this year.

                                6:00 pm to 9:00 pm: need help manning the door, table, and survey.

                                Cassy, Kim, Joe, Enno will be there for sure.

Meeting Adjourned.

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