Unapproved Minutes of 3rd Annual Meeting. Feb. 3, 2020

Present: Rev. Enno Limvere, Joe Berns, Eve Larson, Margaret James, Kim Holmes, Sister Mary Lou Geraets, Lois Beckner, Kristi Brownfield, Students from NSU, and James Johnson.

President Enno Limvere opened up with a review of 2019:

                January 2019: Retrocade Fundraiser

                February 2019: 2nd Annual Meeting

                March 2019: Home Builder Show, handed out seed cars with logo

                April 2019: Earth Day Fair, 14 booths, 3 bands, various speakers, 150-200 people showed up.

                May 2019: Went to Farmers Market in Melgaard Park

                June 2019: Tour of Easton Castle/O-TE-LA Conservancy & participated in Downtown Concert

                July 2019: Picnic at Wylie & Downtown Concert

                September 2019: Chautauqua at Easton Castle, 7 speakers, local bands, and community meal.

                December 2019: Christmas Party at Red Rooster Coffee House

President Enno K. Limvere called the meeting to order and invited Sister Mary Lou to open the meeting with prayer. Joe Berns, treasurer, reported we have 13 members so far for 2020.

Approved Agenda for meeting.

Minutes of 2nd Annual Meeting were corrected and approved.

Treasurer’s Report of 2019 is approved as presented by Joe Berns, Treasurer. Joe talked about grant money, printer, computer, 501 (c) 3, daily expenses.

Old Business

Voting on New Board Members:

Joe Berns 3 years; Lois Beckner 3 years; Kim Holmes, 2 years, & Cassy Bitz 2 years terms were nominated. Voted by secret ballot. All were elected by majority vote.

Approval of Budget

                Added into expenses, $265 for liability insurance. Approved as presented.

New Business

Retrocade Fundraiser to be on March 28th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Earth Day Fair

April 22nd – 50th Anniversary for the Earth Day.  Our group will be presenting at 1 Million Cups 9:00 am at Capital Theater. Looking at having an art exhibit at Red Rooster Coffee House and an evening program.

Our Earth Day Fair will take place on April 19th, Sunday, from 2:00 – 6:00 pm at Central Park and Briscoe Building. 4 Bands to play: Gdflrkt, Ron Parker, Better Ride, and Jet Lagged have been asked. Inviting speakers, booths, activities, and a bounce house. Possible art project of a mosaic. Looking at budget of $1,900 with a grant request of $900 to Aberdeen Area Foundation. Sponsorship and booth forms are available ($75 for sponsorship & $35 just for booth/non-profits can have a booth for free). Possible bake sale to help raise funds.

Goals for 2020

Survey – (Presented by Associate Kristi Brownfield)

Survey will be done by the social policy class at Northern State University by students and staff. They took our suggestions and rearranged them and removed a few for being redundant or no longer applicable.  Will run online for 2 weeks, then be at our fundraisers, Home Builders Show, possibly churches. Goal is to get 500 responses across the demographic spectrum. Have completed by April 1st so the class has time to tabulate the results.

Community Action

Home Builders Show on March 5-7; Farmers Market once a month, Downtown Concert Series, Chautauqua, and possible tour of Water Plant or Sand Lake.

Water Bottle Station & Electric Car Charger Station

Currently only ones in town are Ramkota and Fairfield Suites. Costs estimate about $2,500. Looking to partner with other organizations and businesses, but need to raise $2,000 ourselves for our part over this next year. Also need to work out maintenance and liability costs with partners.

Member’s Choice

Discussed pollinators, green laws, and an enclosed arboretum in downtown.

Kim motioned and Joe seconded to have a Film at Capital Theater.

Board of Directors will meet to elect officers for the coming year.

Positions/Skills needed in our Group

President Enno is searching for a new job, so will need people to take over what he is currently doing. He will stay on as President until the Earth Day Fair is complete, then someone else should start taking over and he can help with the transition.

We need expertise in our social media with our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and someone who can update and program our website, which is WordPress, and video production.

We need someone with expertise in finances especially in regards to non-profits and grants.

Motion to for date of next year’s Annual Meeting and seconded, February 1, 2021. Approved.

Kim Holmes motioned for meeting to be adjourned, Joe Berns seconded, meeting adjourned.

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