Upcoming Plans for Green Aberdeen

We are looking at a busy summer…

We will be looking for recycled t-shirts next week, May 22nd – May 26th.  The drop off site will be at the Red Rooster Coffee House at noon on Monday to 5:00 p.m. on Friday.  We will use these t-shirts for 2 purposes.  One way we will be using them is to put our logo on them and using them as a fundraiser for our organization.  The second way is we will be turning them into totes.  We will have a night at the Red Rooster Coffee House, sometime in June we hope, where we will have some sewing machines and a few skilled people to turn t-shirts into totes for shopping.  Please only donate those that can still be worn or strong enough to carry gallon milk jugs.


We will be going to community activities this summer, we were at the opening of the Farmers Market on Thursday, and hope to make it there at least once a month over the summer and fall.  We will have a booth at the Art & Bicycle Festival May 27th, and Arts in the Park.  We are looking into how to participate at the Brown County Fair and the Gypsy Day Parade.


We will be having a picnic in July along with our regular meeting.  It will be on July 11th, Tuesday.  We will post the exact place, but looking out to Wylie Park.


Our meetings in the summer will be on Tuesdays as the ARCC is closed on Monday nights to save energy.  We will meet on June 6th at 7:00 p.m., July 11th for a picnic, and August 1st.

We are also working on having a speaker Emily Newton talk about Food Waste sometime in the second half of June.  We will let you know as soon as we get the place and time confirmed.


We are also looking for bloggers who are trying to live sustainably here in Aberdeen.  We are looking for people who can share their stories of things that work and don’t work in our community and in their homes that they are trying.


You can contact me or another board member, Kerry Beckler, Joe Berns, or Rob Wedemann if you want to help with any of these activities or have any questions.



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