What’s green got to do with it?

Blog by Rev. Enno K. Limvere, President of Green Aberdeen

At our Board meeting, we starting to think about the questions we want to ask Aberdonians about what they see happening in our community and world, what we should be focusing on as an organization, a community, and our local government? We are partnering with Associate Professor Kristi Brownfield in doing a survey in the Spring with one of her classes. Here are some of the questions we have come up with so far. We are looking for other ideas or suggestions, we have to have a complete list by January 13th, narrowed down to 15-30 questions.

Do you currently get curbside pickup for recycling?

Should Aberdeen get bike lanes?

Do you believe in global climate change?

What changes would you like to see in recycling?

How can we, as a community, be more environmentally conscience?

How serious should the city government take global climate change?

Would you take advantage of expansive pickup services of the following: glass, household compost, office paper,

Should there be recycling in public and office spaces?

Would you like to see Aberdeen city government recycle more?

Do you see the effects of global climate change in our area?

To what extent should the city council of Aberdeen be involved in enabling green practices? Such as: waste reduction, green space, climate change, recycling

Do you think Aberdeen should have more options for alternative energy?

Would you be in favor of more public transportation? Should it be green?

 Would you take advantage of free environmental classes in public spaces?

Should yards have more native plants, grasses, and trees?

Have you heard of Green Aberdeen and what do you know about them?

Would you be in favor legalizing hemp for industrial use?

Whose responsibility should it be to carry out recycling: city, private, county, non-profit

Should Aberdeen ban plastic bags and straws?

Should industry be responsible for the plastic packaging they produce?

Would you support a bottle/glass buyback program?

What should be the order of priority of the city government:

Creating Green Infrastructure         Renewable Energy for homes/businesses            

Green Zoning and Building Laws       Carbon free transportation

    Better Recycling

Would you like to see bike rental stations? Would you use them?

Do you currently practice these green practices:

                Biking/waling                     recycling              using reusable bags

                Hybrid/electric car           transportation services

                Composting                        buying local produce

                Alternative energy sources                          conserving electricity/heat

                Upcycling                             Repurposing       


Would you be willing to work on green projects?

Please comment below or go to our Facebook Group to share your thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/491477851442166/?source_id=1556359931275012

In other news, we had almost 20 people show up for our Christmas Party and it was good to eat, sing, and be merry.

We are planning on having a fundraiser at the Retrocade in January, possible on a Saturday night. Scott and Roxy have been great in opening their place to us. We charge $10 a person for 3 hours of unlimited play ($5 for those under 12). We are thinking about adding a silent auction this year to raise additional funds to help us accomplish our goals of expanding our Earth Day Fair, the survey, bringing water stations and electric car charging stations to downtown, and having a solar panel/wind turbine as a part of our tent when we are at the Farmers Market and other community events.

Rob Wedemann shared with me that Brookings City Council is thinking about banning plastic bags. If they are the first, can we be the second?


Our next General Meeting will be January 6, 2019 at 6:00 pm. Probably at the K.O. Lee Library.

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