What’s Green got to do with it?

by President Enno K. Limvere

Not a great news day with the White House signalling that the United States of America has signaled we are leaving the Paris Climate Change Accords. We are the only nation who is leaving, and then will be one of only 3, which include Syria and Nicaragua. Which means that even North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China are recognizing that this is a problem and we need to work together to heal our planet.

We talked about last night at our Green Aberdeen meeting about recycling and how the best solution would not to have expanded recycling, but for companies to stop creating single use plastics and focus on bio-degradable solutions instead.

We very much appreciate that NSU Assistant Professor of Sociology, Kristi Brownfield, coming to our meeting and having a plan to help us do a survey of our Aberdeen community. As part of one of her Spring Semester classes, the students will help us design the survey, they will do the door to door knocking to get the broadest input possible, and then compile the data.

This will help our community and Green Aberdeen immensely. If we find out that 70% of Aberdonians want our local government, business, and broader community to take active steps in combating global climate change, then we can sound the trumpet and push our community to do more. If we find that only 30% of Aberdonians think that global climate change is an issue and we shouldn’t do too much, then our goal becomes education and inspiration.

We need to find out if there has been any surveys done like this before or currently so we don’t re-invent the wheel. The Growth Plan for Aberdeen may have some data that would be good to see.

We have started a Facebook group. This is so that more than just the administrators can post comments, questions, and share information. https://www.facebook.com/groups/491477851442166/?source_id=1556359931275012

It is going to be private so we don’t have to deal with trolls and those who only want to cause conflict. Please ask to join and share your ideas. As shown in our minutes, we are trying to update our list of places and things to recycle in the Aberdeen area and start a new list of what ecological sustainable products are in Aberdeen, where are they found, and how do they work.

We are having a Christmas Party on December 2nd, Monday, 6:00 pm -9:00 pm at the Red Rooster Coffee House. Please make plans to come and join us.


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