4th Annual Earth Day 2019

3:00 pm Open and welcoming

Ongoing – Art Show organized by Lois Becker & GA Food Both (Hot dogs & Sloppy Joes), & Games for all ages

Booths that will be there: Green Aberdeen, Presentation Sisters, Thaden Family Doughnuts, Central Environmental Club, & Dependable Sanitation

3:15 pm Music: Ravin’ on Sound Stage

3:30 pm Chad Pederson – Elm River Conservancy in Briscoe Building

4:00 pm Music: Better Ride on Sound Stage   

Speaker: Rev. Enno Limvere, President of Green Aberdeen in Briscoe Building

4:30 pm Speaker: Lawrence Diggs, International Vinegar Museum in Briscoe Building

5:00 pm Music: Ron Parker & Friends on Sound Stage

Speaker: Randy Mages, Pollinators in Briscoe Building

6:00 pm Closing and Clean Up

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