7/11/16 Meeting

Monday, July 11 Green Aberdeen Meeting

Present: Enno Limvere, Wendy Seitz, Rachael Gilbertson, Sr. Mary Lou Geraets, Nicole

Johnson, Amy Crawford, Rob

June minutes approved.

Treas. report: Checking account opened! Rachael will send out statements to the crew later this

month. $313 in the account. We need to pay Kayla for the web hosting. Enno has agreed to wait

to be reimbursed until we have more money.

Wendy moved to approve the treasure report. Rob Seconded. Motion carried.

Enno will give the by-laws he has collected to Rachael to scan & send out to everyone.

Becoming a 501c3 – Enno will talk to Vic Fishbach to let him know we are ready to move


Hamza has e-mailed with city council workers about the recycling contract.

Nicole will contact Dial-A-Move to ask about helping recycle items

Hearts & Minds- the video post that Sr. Mary Lou, Hadley, & Kylie did has been very popular.

Shared & viewed many times.

Enno has talked with members of the Lion’s Club to get an invite to speak at a meeting.

Enno (with the help of Scott & Amy) drafted a letter to the area church leaders to invite them to

work with and support Green Aberdeen. There is also a possible connection with the United

Way through Angie Cleberg.

A new idea was born called a Greenie Award. We will recognize area businesses that are

already doing green things in town. We will use Facebook to share the things they are doing

and ask the community to support them.

Next Meeting: Aug. 1 @ 7PM — Location TBD

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