Enno’s Story

I started Green Aberdeen over a year ago after reading Naomi Klein’s book, “This Changes Everything”.  The book focused on global climate change and what is the best way to combat it.  Though this was written before the Paris Climate Agreement she came to two conclusions:  1) global climate change will not be solved by international agreements and 2) global climate change will not be solved by science or geo-engineering.  She proposes the best way to heal our world and pave the way forward is local communities around the world changing the way we live.  For many, this sounds very scary or very Orwellian.  But this is happening around the world.  Many villages and towns are making decisions about how their economies are going to run and their values by which they live.

Even if you don’t believe that global climate change is caused by humankind.  There is much to benefit our communities by working together.  Each person who has come to Green Aberdeen has brought a different focus of how Aberdeen could become better.  Some focus on recycling, some on local foods, some on renewable energies, some on supporting local businesses, and sustainable resources.

Can you imagine a community that has neutral carbon emission where it is possible to walk or bike safely anywhere around the town or take public transportation, besides our vehicles?  Can you imagine a community that has no garbage because all materials can be recycled and reused?  Can you imagine a community where most houses have their own gardens and most our food comes from local farmers insuring quality and health?  To truly accomplish these goals, it will take time and cooperation between all aspects of Aberdeen: city government, businesses, faith communities, non-profits, and neighborhoods.

Green Aberdeen seeks to make our community as healthy and sustainable as possible.  I do not have all the answers and our organization doesn’t claim to either.  We hope we can work together with all who seek to be better.  It is done one step at a time, inviting all to join in as they are able.

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