General Meeting Minutes from August 1, 2017


  • Green Aberdeen
    Meetng Notes
    August 1, 2017 @6:00
    Introductions/Attendance: Enno, Joe, Kerry, Sister Mary Lou, Arlene (@7:00 Robert Fay, Hamsa)
    Treasure’s Report: $764.89
    Old Business:
    Recycling- We will be sending a letter to the City Council statng our desire to expand the
    recycling options in Aberdeen. Also, may bring up in the PICP meetng the possibility of contactng some
    apartment building landlords about recycling within the buildings.
    501 c 3– Sll in process, Enno will contact lawyer for an update
    Election of Board- possibly the lady from the Montessori School? (I don’t have her name)
    Food waste with Emily Newton August 2nd     Marris Grewe August 29th, time and venue TBD
    Aberdeen Farmers market, August 24th
    Easton Castle, early Oct
    Art and Music Festival- Sept 8th
    Budget– Enno had a meeting with Josh Latterel. They spoke about doing surveys, branding awareness,
    ad campaigns, etc. Quote from their company came in at around $10,000. Surveys would contain topics
    such as; has the public heard of us, feelings on global climate change, recycling who/what/dislikes, etc.
    New Business: There was a suggestion to start telling the Moccasin Creek clean up story- in a monthly
    column on the Facebook page/on the website page. Included in this column we would try to incorporate
    local environmental issues.
    Next meeting: September 5th
    @ 6:00


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