Minutes from General Meeting September 5th

Green Aberdeen

Meeting Notes


September 5, 2017 @ 7:00

Introductions/Attendance: Enno, Joe, Kerry, Sister Mary Lou, Arlene, Robert, Dwayne, Kim,

Treasure’s Report: $173.69 Approved

Old Business:

Recycling- We will be sending a letter this week to the City Council stating our desire to expand the recycling options in Aberdeen.

501 c 3– Still in process, Enno will contact lawyer on Thursday for an update

Election of Board- Still working on this.


Food waste with Emily Newton- was a success and may do this again!

Marris Grewe – Rescheduled in November

Aberdeen Farmers market, September 28th

Easton Castle, October 3rd @ 6:00


New Business:

Tees and Totes Night in November maybe? May wind up giving most of them away as they do not seem to be selling. Need a new selling strategy??

Other speakers or documentaries? Crap Shoot is a Documentary by Dr Merkola- is worth a look in to. Sustainable (documentary) is on Netflix

Arlene brought some info on getting some programs downloaded so we would be able to make a ‘movie night’ of it @ the Rooster.

Next meeting: October 3rd @ 6:00 @ Easton’s Castle

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