Minutes from March 20, 2017

Official Minutes from March 20, 2017

Present:  Rob Wedemann, Arlene Cleberg, , Joe Berns, , Debbie Menzel, Candace Briscoe, Kerry Beckler, and Enno Limvere.

No new updates on the recycling contract with the city.

The current board met briefly before the meeting to get to know each other better, talk about becoming a 501 (3) c organization, and brainstorm fundraising ideas.

We continued the Earth Day Planning at this meeting:

  1. Place and Facilities    

April 22nd at Briscoe Building and Central Park 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  1. Briscoe is not charging us rent and are using their insurance for the event.
  2. Need to check if insurance will cover over on Central Park (Enno)
  3. The Briscoe bldg. is 4000 sq ft with the use of projector screens. There is an upstairs area that can be used for band, etc.
  4. Candace will provide us with a floor plan/layout for event planning purposes.
  5. Leaders: Need one or two to be in charge
    1. Workers: Joel Mann and Daughters of American Revolution have signed up so far.
  1. Promotion:
    1. Using poster from last year, Rachael Gilbertson will update. UPS can print for free or at discount.
    2. Sponsor sheets need to be turned in BY April 1st for them to be on the posters/in the Ads!
    3. Distribute promotional materials
    4. Get a social campaign going through social media: We are now on Instagram! @greenaberdeensd. There has been a Facebook event page started as well.
    5. Leaders: _Enno &   ______________(would like one more)
    6. Workers: Rob Wedemann


  1. Events & Entertainment
    1. Community Projects for Saturday – Enno has talked to Parks & Rec and Partnership for Community Pride for Saturday Morning
    2. Onsite Live Music – There are 5 groups slated to play so far.
    3. The Fallout Art Community will be making a mural at the event.
    4. Games and Activities for all ages – Central High School is heading this up, and we wondered if there should be a second group/play area some other group could run.
    5. Candace Briscoe will contact the local elementary schools about making recycled art projects that we can display- similar to last year.
    6. Speakers and Classes: We talked about several groups/people to have come and speak or teach a class – Sand Lake Conservatory, Soil Conservation, Park & Recreation, Yoga Class, Emily from the YMCA will be speaking about food waste.
    7. The Presentation sisters will be making cloth shopping bags to distribute.
    8. Need Leaders to coordinate _________________ & ______________________
  2. Booths – Reminder: sponsorship will be $75 dollars to sponsor (sponsorship does include a booth space) this year (up from $50), and $35 to rent a space. All non-profit, community organizations will get a free booth space.
    1. We need to recruit business and, non-profit businesses, and community organizations to be a part.
    2. We talked about setting up a separate recycling booth that shows what you can recycle in a blue bin and have a large poster of our list of places to recycling in Aberdeen.
    3. The Chamber of commerce will have a booth again this year.
    4. Workers – Kerry Beckler, Scott Doering, and Nicole Johnson are working on this.
    5. Everyone should try to get their business or the other community organizations they are a part of to either have a booth or sponsor us.  Thank you in advance!!
  3. Fundraising and Finances
    1. Get sponsorships. They will be on poster and in advertisement if they sponsor by March 31st.  Posters will be printed for distribution April 5th.
    2. The board will put together a budget for the event by the next meeting.
    3. Work with Treasurer to ensure fiscal responsibility concerning the budget and handling of money.
    4. Leaders: _Joe Berns_  & _____________
    5. Workers: _Rachael Gilbertson_  _________   __________________
  4. Organizations and Businesses who are working with us or we think will:

Daughters of the American Revolution, Exchange Club, Partners in Community Pride, Chamber of Commerce, NSU Environmental Club, Presentation Environmental Club, Central HS Environmental Club, Briscoe Building, Fallout Creative Community, Oil Room, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Master Gardeners

New Business:

Enno was officially elected President again.

Next Meeting on April 3rd @  6:00 pm at the ARCC, cr 103.  There will be cookies!


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