Unapproved Minutes for January 6, 2020 General Meeting

Minutes for General Meeting, January 6, 2020

Present:  Eve Larson, Rev. Enno Limvere, Arlene Cleberg, Vicki Holly, Lois Beckner, Rob Wedemann, Cassy Bitz, Kim Holmes, Joe Berns, Carl Perry

Minutes for November 2019 Meeting Approved as written.

Financial Report:

  1. Balance $498.21 as of 1/6/2020.
  2. Memberships are due: $50 for active member/$20 for supporting members.

Old Business:

  1. 501 (c) 3 is in process. No red flags have come up.
  2. Goals for 2019
    1. Marketing survey:
      1. Finalized Marketing survey questions to be given to NSU by January 13th
    1. Community Action:
      1. Nothing new since November meeting
    1. Members Choice: 3 Field Trips
      1. Completed 1 field trip to Easton Castle
  3. Grants – Grant Team
    1. Grant writing for Earth Day Fair – Aberdeen Community Foundation: Lois Beckner and Joe Berns
    1. Water Stations and Car Charging Stations – Enno Limvere and Carl Perry
      1. Working to partner with Dakota Band, Aberdeen Downtown Association, and the Chamber of Commerce. Looking to apply for grants through 3M.
  4. Brochures – Nothing to report
  5. Retrocade Fundraiser – Possibly on Saturday, April 18th before our Earth Day Fair
  6. Come up with sign for yards that are bee friendly and non-chemical

Old Business

  1. Annual meeting in February
    1. Date February 3, 2020 at 6:00 pm . KO Lee Library, no supper, but snacks
  2. Home and Garden Show In March
    1. Plans to be there
  3. Earth Day Fair
    1. Set date for Sunday April 19th
    1. Partner with Briscoe Building
    1. Apply for street permit
    1. Talked with Dan Cleberg from Fallout Creative Community for his Festivals
      1. Bands – $50 to $200
      1. Bounce House – $80 to $150
      1. Semi Stage – $150
      1. Pauer Sound – $250 to $1000
  4. Possible partnership with Celtic Fair for Chautauqua in Fall
    1. No action taken, but consensus was two different types of events
  5. Summer Concert Series
    1. Dates given: June 11th, July 9th, August 28th

Meeting Adjourned

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