Unapproved Minutes for July 1, 2019 General Meeting

Minutes of July 1st, 2019 General Meeting

Present: Enno Limvere, Joe Berns, Kim Vandover, Sr. Mary Lou Goetz, Arlene Cleberg, Cassy Bitz, David Cozart, & Sanjaya Prasad.

President Enno Limvere called the meeting to order.

Minutes of June Meeting were not read.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning balance 5/6/19 $2,171.72 and ending balance 7/1/19 of $1,3760.06

Old Business:

1. Becoming a 501 (C)3 : In process, waiting final approval. We are now able to apply for grants.

2. Goals for 2019:

                a. Market Survey: Waiting to see who we can work with at NSU to do a complete survey.

                b. Community Action

                                i. July 11th – Downtown Concert Series: Cassy, Kim and Enno will work on it.

ii. Farmers Market – We now have liability insurance so we can attend. We plan on July 18th – Enno, David, and Sanjaya will set up. Sister Mary Lou and Enno will close.

                c. Field Trips

                                i. Spring Tour: Easton Castle on June 6th

                                ii. Summer Tour: Oahe Dam and Campbell County Wind Farm (possibly August)

                                iii. Fall Tour: Possibly Sand Lake in October

3. Insurance – We now have a liability insurance through Rhodes Anderson Insurance.

New Business:

1. Chautauqua: We have set the date for September 21st, Saturday from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

2. Other discussions:

a. Lois Beckner is working on a pamphlet to hand out on where to buy eco-friendly products in our town, i.e. straws, dish soap.

b. Chad Pederson proposed working towards a grant from the USDA to improve city water quality.

                c. Dreams for grants include community garden & orchards.

d. Known grants: 3M up to $30,000; Knight Foundation up to $5,000; Aberdeen Foundation, & USDA Conservation

Next Meeting on July 29th at 6:00 pm at the KO Lee Library.

Promotion Team –

  1.  Joe Berns – poster                                   Speakers 
  2. Rob Wedemann                                        Dave-
  3.                                                                      Leslie Bing Tiny House

New Mayor

Speaker/Entertainment Team –                      Enno –

                                                                             Master Gardeners

  1.    Kim – Music                                             Oz Motors
  2. Dave & Sanjaya                                          Other Suggestions:
  3. Chad Pederson                                          School Board

Solar Energy

Sponsors/Booths Team –                                  Wind Turbines

  1.                                                                      Booths:
  2.                                                                      Drum Circle
  3.                                                                      YAPA

Salvation Army

Food & Beverage Team –                                 Joe:

                                                                             NSU, Presentation, Central

  1.     Arlene Cleberg                                       Lutheran Social Services
  2.    –                                                               The Art Group
  3.                                                                      Mary Lou:

Diversity Coalition                                  

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