What’s Green got to do with it?

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Rev. Enno K. Limvere, President

According to an article on our Green Aberdeen Facebook page by EcoWatch, “Planting more than 500 billion trees could remove around 25 percent of existing carbon from the atmosphere, a new study has found. What’s more: there’s enough space to do it.”

Aberdeen City Council is looking at a proposal to reduce the Green Space Ordinance of our community. We know that trees are so much more than beautification of our city and are a key player to the healing of our planet. We hope they will see the wisdom of keeping it as it is.

We are looking towards next year and are exploring 4 areas for grants and projects:

  1. Earth Day Fair 2020 and Chautauqua 2020. Possible grant funders: Aberdeen Area Community Foundation, South Dakota Community Foundation, and Knight Foundation. We hope that we can expand our programs.
  2. Community Survey of Aberdeen. Working with NSU Assistant Professor Kristi Brownfield. We hope in the Spring to work with NSU students for a scientific survey of our community. Possible grant funders: AACF, SDCF, Knight Foundation, and 3M Foundation. Enno L. will follow up.
  3. Education and Promotional Materials, such as a flat screen, solar panel & wind turbine, and professional pamphlets such as recycling spots and where to get green products. Possible grant funders: 3M Environmental Grant, Wells Fargo Environmental Grant: AACF. Casey B. and Kim H. will follow up.
  4. Downtown Water Stations and Electric Car Charging Station. Working with the possible partners of Downtown Aberdeen Association, City of Aberdeen, Dakota Bank, and Chamber of Commerce, to place water stations and electric car charging station. Joe B. will follow up.
  5. Possible future grants: cleaning up the Elm River and the Moccasin Creek.

We also want to help you be more sustainable in your purchases and in disposing of our trash We will be working on updating our LIST OF PLACES TO RECYCLE on our website https://greenaberdeen.org/439-2/

We are also wanting to know and share what eco-products are available in our community and where we can buy them. So please message us or put it in our comment section. We will make this a blog and will be working on putting these into brochures that people can take from our booth.

For example: I am buying at Natural Abundance Co-op toilet paper “Treefree green2” made from Sugar Cane & Bamboo Grasses.

I didn’t do a blog last week because of I was knocked down because of an illness. Thanks to all who came out to our meeting last night. We had a good turnout of 9 people.


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