Why do we do this?

I am writing this on a Saturday afternoon where everyone is enjoying the fantastic weather of 55 degrees in the middle of February. I would like to thank our lucky stars but unfortunately we have global climate change to thank instead. Last year I remember it got to 70 late in February so this warm weather may becoming a pattern. Before we celebrate too much, we have remember that for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, there was a pretty regular weather pattern that our plants and animals have come to rely upon. Becoming too warm too soon is going to disrupt those patterns and our ecological balance is going to become chaotic and puts stress on our system. I can’t predict what is going to happen, but I have a guess it may not be good for our farmers and our wildlife. This means that insects and other predators are going to move up from the southern states and there are no natural defences against them in our area. We are seeing this as a new bug is coming in to attack our Ash Tree population which could affect over 20,000 trees in Aberdeen alone.

Last fall was warmer than normal and fairly dry, so there were some prairie fires that threatened farms and lives. As the temperature rises and droughts become more severe as predicted, we could see these becoming more regular as well in the near future.

We cannot stop these things from happening, it is too late to shut this down in the near future. But we can work to stop it from getting worse and becoming truly horrendous for our area and all around the world.

Why is our group promoting recycling, renewable energies, and sustainable living? Because the planet has been affected by our lifestyles, industry, and economy. Scientists from around the world have confirmed this. Please continue to work on how your home, your business, and our community can help our planet heal and build a better future for our children, grandchildren, and those yet unborn.

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