Work Camp at Easton Castle June 3, starting at 1:00 pm.

We are joining up with Easton Castle/O-TE-LA Conservancy to help them get ready for summer.

We will be starting at 1:00 pm. on Sunday, June 3rd for some roll up our sleeves and get some dirt under our fingernails.

The projects we will be working on are:

  1. Mowing the campsites and fields.
  2. Painting benches/sheds/signs.
  3. Yard Clean-up
  4. Weeding Flower Beds
  5. Building raised plant/flower beds
  6. Help with organizing files on a computer
  7. Making firewood
  8. Planting potted trees.

Materials/Supplies that can be donated:

  1. Paint/Paint Brushes/Wire Brushes/Scrapers
  2. Mowers/Gasoline (They only have a couple of push mowers)
  3. Rakes/Shovels/Hoes/Garden Tools
  4. Axes/Chainsaw

Drinks and goodies will be available to keep you fueled.  We will have a potluck supper.

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